Tuesday, August 14, 2007
A List of Recalled Toothpaste Made in China
Manufacturer - Goldcredit International Enterprises LTD
Products: (MainStar America, Selective Imports, Donnamax)
- Dr. Cool Coolmint
- Superdent Coolmint
- Cooldent Coolmint
- Cooldent Spearmint
- Cooldent Fluoride
- Everfresh Assortment
- BrightMax
- DentaPro
- Dentakleen
- Dentakleen Junior Brand - Strawberry
- Dentakleen Junior Brand - Blueberry

Manufacturer - Gold Credit International Trading Co LTD
- Bright Max Peppermint Flavor
- Clean Rite Toothpaste
- Clean Rite Toothpaste Kit
- Oralmax Extreme Action Kit
- Oral Bright Fresh Spearmint Flavor
- DentaKleen
- DentaKleen Junior
- DentaPro

Manufacturer - Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemicals Co. Ltd.
Products: (Gold City Enterprises/New Star, Miami, FL)
- ShiR Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste
- ShiRFresh Toothpaste
- ShiRFresh Mint
- ShiRFresh Ice Mint

Manufacturer - Shanghai Light Industrial
- Freshh Spearmint (Following up with Mandalay International, Ogden, UT)

Manufacturer - Unknown
- Crescent Toothpaste (Dollar Ocean #4, Wheaton, MD and H&Y Trading Co, Capitol Heights, MD)
- Naturabella nino Dusanzo (Certejenas Inc., Cidra, PR)

Manufacturer - Suzhou Qing Xin Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Pacific Fluoride Toothpaste
- Pacific Fluoride Gel Toothpaste

Manufacturer - Guangdong Wellknown Ceramics Co., Ltd.
- Tian Qi Toothpaste

Distributor - Gilchrist & Soames
Travel-size (.65oz/18ml)toothpaste for various hotel chains.

Please note that there may be other Chinese toothpaste recalls that are not included in this list. The Food and Drug Administration keeps a list of recalled toothpaste brands HERE. Please check it, but we advise consumers to simply stay away from all toothpaste made in China until further notice.

END: Chinese Toothpaste Recall List
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Water Heater Junction Boxes Recalled for Fire Hazard

Nearly 3,000 Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative junction boxes used with water heaters have been recalled due to a potential fire hazard. Eastern Illini has received dozens of reports of junction boxes overheating, or melted wiring and wiring connectors. So far no injuries have been reported.

Junction boxes contain wiring connections for water heaters. The recalled junction boxes are installed between the water heater and the load management switch, and are about 4 X 4 inches with no markings. These junction boxes were sold by Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative from June 1989 through 2002.

What You Should Do
Contact your electrician (or any qualified electrician if you do not currently work with one) and have them determine whether the junction box on your water heater (picture below) is an Eastern Illini Electric brand.

Contact Eastern Illini for more information at (800) 824-5102. View our list of Consumer Product recalls here.

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Check Your Hotel Toothpaste Before Using! Another Chinese Toothpaste Recall

A major US provider of hotel toiletry products has initiated a global recall of its travel-sized toothpaste used in hotels throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Barbados, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the UAE.

This toothpaste may contain the toxic substance, diethylene glycol (DEG), which has been used by toothpaste and cough syrup suppliers in China as a cheap substitute for glycerin. (More about DEG from China here") DEG is a poisonous solvent that can have major deadly side effects, including central nervous system suppression and permanent kidney and liver damage.

Recalled Toothpaste:
Gilchrist & Soames 0.65oz/18ml toothpaste manufactured in China for the company by Ming Fai Enterprises International Co., LTD.

Hotel guests, who may have received the recalled toothpaste from hotels in any of these countries, should safely dispose of it, and notify hotel management of the recall.

In the meantime, Gilchrist & Soames stopped all outgoing shipments and quarantined all of its "Made in China" toothpaste. Hotel clients have been notified of this newest toothpaste recall.

According to a spokesperson for Gilchrist & Soames, "The fifth round of our independent lab tests showed the presence of DEG in some samples at levels exceeding FDA guidelines from one of our China suppliers. We immediately began the process of initiating a voluntary recall of our complimentary-sized (.65oz/18ml) Gilchrist & Soames toothpaste. We want to ensure that any contaminated toothpaste is safely disposed of and/or destroyed."

Although no pictures were made available during the initial press release, read the full press release and contact Gilchrist and Soames ((1-866-587-6542) ) for more information on what to look for. In the meantime, do not use ANY toothpaste labeled from "China" or "Made in China", as advised by the FDA in their list of recalled toothpaste products.
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Mattel Recalls More Toys for Violation of Lead Safety Standard

Adding to the 1.5 million toys already recalled for lead paint, Mattel today has recalled another 253,000 toys for violation of Lead Safety Standards.

The newest toy subject to recall from Mattel is the "Sarge" die cast toy cars seen in the picture below. Surface paints on the recalled Sarge toy cars may contain lead levels in excess of federal standards.

Click here to learn more about the dangerous health effects of ingesting lead, or the long-term exposure to lead-based paints.

The recalled Sarge toys look like a military Jeep and are approximately 2.5 inches long, by 1 inch high, by 1 inch wide. This recalled toy has "7EA" and "China" (go figure!) printed on the bottom. The product number will be either M1253 or K5925, and were priced between $7 and $20, depending on whether or not the toy Jeep replica was sold as a set.

Only Sarge toy cars made in China are affected. If your toy car was made in Thailand it is not included in this recall.

What To Do With Your Recalled Mattel Toy Car
Take it away from your child immediately and contact Mattel at (800) 916-4997 for information on how to return the toy for a replacement that was not painted with toxic substances.
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More Toys Recalled for Magnet Swallowing Hazards

Small magnets are NOT OK to have around children. Whether as part of a magnetic play-set or just as a part to a non-magnetic toy, magnets have a bad habit of finding their way into the mouths of small children, which can be deadly.

In addition to another toy recall for lead-based pain, Mattel this morning issued a series of alerts to consumers regarding the recall of toys due to the potential for small magnets to come loose. This may not seem like a serious recall to some, but if you read the page linked to in bold above you will see how serious a swallowed magnet can be.

The following toys have been recalled by Mattel due to the potential for small magnets to come loose (Links go to CSPC Press Releases):
Doggie Day Care Magnetic Toys
Polly Pocket Play Sets
Barbie and Tanner Magnetic Toys
Batman and One Piece Magnetic Action Figure Sets

To see pictures of the recalled magnetic toys by Mattel, please follow the link above.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007
More Exploding Laptop Batteries - Toshiba Satellite and Tecra Computers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Toshiba America Information Systems, today announced a voluntary recall of about 1,400 laptop computers. Consumers should stop using the recalled Toshipa laptops immediately and contact Toshiba to receive a free replacement laptop battery. In the meantime, computer users can continue to use the laptops safely, by turning the system off, removing the battery, and using the AC adapter and power cord to power the system until the replacement battery is received.

The lithium-ion laptop batteries (made by Sony Energy Devices Corp., of Japan) are being recalled because the pose a fire hazard to computer users. Toshiba has received three reports outside of the United States of notebook batteries overheating. No injuries have been reported.

The recalled lithium-ion laptop batteries were sold with, or sold separately to be used with the following notebook computer models: Satellite A100, Satellite A105 and Tecra A7. The battery model is printed on the battery. To see pictures of these recalled Toshiba laptop batteries, including the battery and the laptop unit, please scroll down below the video.

These recalled laptop batteries were sold through authorized electronics retailers nationwide from January 2006 through April 2006 for between $680 and $1,300 for the computer systems and for between $90 and $120 when the batteries were sold separately.

Manufactured in: China (battery packs)

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Toshiba at (800) 457-7777 anytime or visit their Web site at www.bxinfo.toshiba.com

Check Your Hotel Toothpaste Before Using! Another Chinese Toothpaste Recall



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Video of Exploding Lithium Ion Battery in a Notebook Computer

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Dentapro and Bright Max Recalled Toothpaste for DEG

Donnamax Inc. of Brooklyn, NY, has initiated a voluntary recall of the following brands of toothpaste made in China for the possibility of DEG contamination:

DentaPro Toothpaste brand CAVITY FIGHTING FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE, FRESH SPEARMINT FLAVOR, NET WT. 6.4 oz. - Item No. 9112, UPC 8 71290 – 00062 5, and

Bright Max Toothpaste, NET WT. 6.4 oz. - Item No. 9111


Retailers should immediately examine their inventory for the recalled brands of toothpaste, remove them from sale, destroy any units found, and report the quantity destroyed on the response form to Donnamax Inc. as soon as possible. For more information contact Raymond Zeitouny at (718) 854-0273.

The toothpaste products were sold to retail stores located in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Idaho.

This recall has been initiated because the products may contain diethylene glycol (DEG), also known as "diglycol". According to the FDA "Chronic exposure to DEG in certain populations, such as children and individuals with kidney or liver disease. DEG in toothpaste has a low but meaningful risk of toxicity and injury to these populations."

The language used by the FDA above is someone played down in this blogger's opinion, especially when you consider that DEG in cough syrup caused 339 children in Bangladesh to develop kidney failure (most of them died) back in 1990, and more than 80 children died from the same thing in Haiti (http://www.news-medical.net/?id=24765) five years later. The concerns about DEG-contaminated toothpaste here in the States follow a recent tragedy in Panama where over 300 deaths were reported as a result of DEG poisoning.

The New York Times paints a disturbing picture of the effects of DEG on children:
"The kidneys fail first. Then the central nervous system begins to misfire. Paralysis spreads, making breathing difficult, then often impossible without assistance. In the end, most victims die."

It is true that no injuries have been reported as a result of DEG-contaminated toothpaste here in the United States, but the dangers are not to be ignored. DEG wasn't put in Chinese toothpaste by accident. It was used as a cheap alternative to triol glycerin (i.e. glycerol) which is non-toxic, naturally occurring and about three times as expensive as diethylene glycol (DEG). Your life and your child's life has been put at risk so some company (whether in China or here in the US - or both) could save money on production costs. Someone knowingly put a toxic chemical used in the manufacture of polyester resins, plasticizers and anti-freeze coolant into toothpaste to save money. We hope this point has been made very clear because it is why US Recall News recently issued this press release, calling for the partial boycott of Chinese products until the US and Chinese governments, as well as American corporations importing from China can get their act together.
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Calls for Boycott Begin on Dangerous Chinese Products

This is a press release. You have full rights to republish this information.

The consumer product information website US Recall News has reported on hundreds of recalls over the last three months, but all of the most dangerous and wide-spread have come from Chinese products. Now the site's editor is asking congress to wake up and smell the melamine.

Denver, Colo. (PRWEB) August 8, 2007 -- DEG in toothpaste; Melamine in pet food; 1.5 million Thomas the Tank Engine toys with lead-containing paint; and now another 1 million toys recalled by Fisher Price for the same reason… What do all of these potentially deadly recalls from the last few months have in common? They were all made in China.

The popular consumer product information website US Recall News (http://www.usrecallnews.com/) collects and republishes important recall information from government organizations like the FDA, USDA, CPSC and EPA. The site has listed hundreds of recalls over the last few months, which involve food and consumer goods from all over the world. But the site's editor, Everett Sizemore, says all of the most dangerous and wide-spread have come from China. Now Mr. Sizemore is urging consumers to make an effort in boycotting many products made in China.

"We need to send a message to the boardrooms of American companies who import products from China; as well as the US and Chinese governments," he says.

Mr. Sizemore doesn't expect Americans to boycott all products made in China. "For one thing, it would be too expensive and difficult for most Americans since a large proportion of the products in their home were produced in China. Second, it would probably cripple our economy."

US Recall News is asking consumers to "do the right thing" and spend the few extra dollars to buy a product manufactured in a country with higher standards for worker's rights, health, and the environment whenever possible.

Even a loss in sales of Chinese products amounting to a few percent would be a huge message for China to clean up their act and for American companies to be more responsible in testing the products they import from China. As for our own government, US Recall News suggests contacting your local Congressperson and urging them to pass legislation that ensures the safety of American consumers from these types of products.

"A recall is just that - the recalling of a product that has already gone to market," says the US Recall News Website. "Waiting until our children have sucked the lead paint off of their toys is simply not good enough! These things should not get store shelves in the first place."

US Recall News is not a government-run or government-sponsored website. It is owned and operated privately and for the benefit of American consumers.
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Monday, August 06, 2007
Millions of Ford Cars and Trucks Recalled for Cruise n Burn Setting

After years of reported cases of vehicles catching fire, Ford has recalled 3.6 cars, SUVs, Mini Vans and Trucks due to problems with the speed control deactivation switch. According to Ford's website:

"Ford is taking this action to address continued customer concerns about the potential for fires in their vehicles. We cannot be confident in the long term durability of the speed control deactivation switches."

This recall includes more than a dozen different models produced between 1992-2003.

What to do if you have a recalled ford vehicle (see chart of recalls below):
Take your vehicle into a Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealership where the mechanics will provide a free inspection of the speed control deactivation switch and, if needed, will either fix or replace the switch.

- Click on Image to Enlarge for Readability -

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Thursday, August 02, 2007
Fisher Price Toy Recall

Fisher Price and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) today announced the recall of almost one million (967,000) toys due to possible lead contamination.

The recalled Fisher Price toys, including Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and other licensed characters, were manufactured in China. This is not the first time a large toy recall has been made because of lead being used to paint our children's toys from China. About 1.5 Million Thomas and Friends wooden railway toys were recalled in mid-June due to surface paints containing lead.

Note: This is a blog and by its nature a blog is an editorial venue. If you wish to skip my rant about how sickening it is that 2.5 million toys went to market in the last few months with lead paint on them, please Click Here to skip to the facts about this recall.

Yes, boycotting Chinese products is difficult when it seems like 90% of the products we buy come from China. But if the government isn't going to do anything about this other than warn consumers after the fact, and corporations are going to continue to let products go into the market place without testing them for something as simple as lead paint... whose responsibility does it become to protect ourselves and our children?

Fisher Price Toy Recall List

33662 Elmo Light Up Musical Pal

33664 Big Bird Light Up Musical Pal

39038 Elmo Tub Sub

87946 Elmo Keyboard

90609 Elmo Collectible

90612 Zoe Collectible

90614 Big Bird Collectible

93068 Elmo Boom Box

93307 Press N Go Elmo

93492 Cookie Saxophone

93615 Splash Tub Puzzle

B7554 Count To Beat Elmo

B7987 Elmo In The Giggle Box

B9620 Dora's Talking House

C6908 Dora, Backpack, Perrito Figure Pack

C6909 Diego Figure Pack

C6911 Boots, Tico Figure Pack

G5112 Sing With Elmo's Greatest Hits

H2943 Grow With Me Elmo Sprinkler

H3344 Birthday Dora

H5570 Elmo & Pals (Elmo, Zoe, Bigbird)

H4628 Water Fun Tote

H8237 Blue 3 Pack Figures In Tube

H9124 Chef Dora

H9186 Giggle Grabber Ernie

J0338 Diego Talking Field Journal

J0344 Go Diego Go Deep Sea Rescue

J0346 Go Diego Go Talking Rescue 4 X 4

J5936 Giggle Grabber Chef Cookie Monster

J6537 Sesame Street Giggle Toolbelt

J6763 Royal Boots And Tico

J7983 Sesame Street Tub Pots & Pans

J9692 Dora's Talking Pony Place

K3414 Diego - Talking Gadget Belt

K3580 Fairytale Adventure Dora

K4140 Toucan Motorcycle Rescue

L3194 Surprise Inside Diego Eggs

L3488 Sesame Street Birthday Figure Pack

L3507 Sesame Street - Super Boom Box

L5202 Birthday Dora

L8905 Pablo & Pals

M0352 Dora Figures Diego & Bear

M0527 Sesame Street Giggle Doodler

M2051 Lets Go Rescue Center

33663 Ernie Light Up Musical Pal

34658 Elmo Stacking Rings

39054 Sesame Street Shape Sorter

90267 Ernie Splashin' Fun Trike

90611 Cookie Collectible

90613 Ernie Collectible

90745 Construction Playset

93107 Action Fire Engine

93308 Rev & Go Cookie Monster

93493 Elmo's Guitar

93780 Music And Lights Phone

B7888 Shake, Giggle & Roll

B7989 Silly Parts Talking Elmo

C6910 Swiper Figure Pack

G3825 Dora Talking Vamonos Van

G9717 Giggle Doodler

H3343 Cousin Daisy

H5569 Elmo & Pals (Elmo, Cookie, Ernie)

H4187 Dora Figures In Tube

H8236 Dora 3 Pack Figures In Tube

H8238 Sponge Bob 3 Pack Figures In Tube

H9125 Bedtime Dora

H9188 Giggle Grabber Oscar The Grouch

J0343 Go Diego Go Antarctic Rescue

J0345 Go Diego Go Mountain Rescue

J5935 Giggle Grabber Soccer Elmo

J6762 Queen Mami

J6765 Prince Diego

J9518 Sesame Street Giggle Drill

K0617 Twins Nursery

K3571 Go Diego Go Mobile Rescue Unit

K4139 Go Diego Go Dinosaur Rescue

L0305 Dora Figure

L3215 Sesame Street Elmo Jack-In-The-Box

L5813 Diego Tub Trike

M0351 Dora Figures Dora & Kitty

M0524 Go Diego Go Talking Gadget

M0732 Dora's Talking House

M2052 Fairytale Castle

Above are three examples of the products affected in this Fisher Price Toy Recall.
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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
FDA Employees Rate Food Safety Inspection From Low to OK

According to a blog post today from Accidental Hedonist, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employees were asked at a July 17 hearing of the House energy and commerce oversight subcommittee to rate the quality of the FDA's food-safety inspections on a scale of one to ten.

Ratings ranged from a lousy two to an substandard five. All but one of the panelists rated at a five or below.

The blog entry goes on to discuss how the FDA's Associate Commissioner, Margaret Glavin sent out an FDA-wide email calling it an "erroneous assessment".

Lastly, Accidental Hedonist says:
"Food borne illnesses are up, food recalls are becoming more prevalent, and only 1 percent of all food imports are checked due to lack of resources. The FDA's response? They want to close up seven of their thirteen labs."

Some of the resources cited or discussed in the blog entry include the Law for Food Blog, WTOP News, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
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Top Five Hidden Home Hazards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has released their list of the top five hidden home hazards, and not surprisingly magnets top the list.

Top 5 Hidden Hazards in The Home

#1 - Magnets
1 death and 86 injuries
8 million magnetic toys have been recalled
Magnets stick together in a child's intestines and cause serious injuries.

#2 - Recalled Products in General
Each year there are about 400 recalls from the CPSC alone. The CPSC is very good about getting dangerous products off the shelves, but unfortunately many consumers who have already purchased these products are not aware of the recall or the dangers until it is too late. That is why we recommend weekly visits to US Recall News, signing up for our newsletter, and checking the various government recall agencies regularly.

#3 - Tip Overs
About 22 people die and thousands are injured each year when poorly supported items like book shelves and TV stands tip over, or when products like chairs are used for reasons other than their specified uses, such as a ladder.

#4 - Windows and Coverings
About 12 deaths per year occur due to strangulation from window blind cords, and there are about 9 deaths and 3,700 injuries from children falling out of open windows, usually while leaning up against a screen that comes loose.

#5 - Pool and Spa Drains
The suction from pool drains may not seem powerful when you stand next to it, but when the entire drain is covered it is often enough suction power to hold a child in place and drown them, and sometimes even disembowel someone if they are sitting on the drain.

Go check out the CPSC List for tips on what you can do to avoid these five common, but often hidden household dangers.
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Monday, July 30, 2007
Attention Sushi Eaters - Beware Ginger from China!
Today the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) warned consumers not to eat fresh ginger imported from China after they found aldicarb sulfoxide in some batches of imported Chinese ginger.
Aldicarb sulfoxide is a pesticide that is not approved for use on ginger due to its toxicity to humans, including carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity.
The product is known to have been distributed to Albertson's stores and Save Mart stores in northern California by Christopher Ranch of Gilroy, California.
CDPH and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are tracing the imported ginger from the importer (Modern Trading Inc. in Alhambra, California) to determine the full distribution of the product and to identify other retail stores that may have received the product.
Consumers who may have purchased fresh ginger from Albertson's stores and Save Mart stores in northern California should discard it immediately.
Symptoms of aldicarb poisoning in humans are likely to occur within the first hour following exposure. Ingestion of foods contaminated with aldicarb at low levels can cause flu-like symptoms (nausea, headache, blurred vision) which disappear quickly, usually within 5 or 6 hours. However, at higher levels, ingestion of aldicarb contaminated food can also cause dizziness, salivation, excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle stiffness and twitching, and difficulty in breathing.
Individuals who may have consumed this product and have any of the above symptoms should contact a medical professional immediately.
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Florida company recalls 'toxic' China toothpaste
170,000 oral products could contain diethylene glycol, used in antifreeze

Posted: June 11, 2007
11:00 p.m. Eastern

© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

In the wake of WND's report of the long, deadly history of Chinese-made toothpaste, a Florida company today issued a nationwide recall for toothpaste it imported from China and distributed to wholesalers, warning the product could contain a poisonous chemical.

Though no injuries or illnesses have been reported, Gold City Enterprise LLC of Hallandale Beach acknowledged the roughly 170,000 recalled toothpaste products may have the contaminant diethylene glycol – a solvent used in antifreeze that killed 107 Americans when it was introduced in an elixir 70 years ago.

The company is urging consumers to stop using the products and throw them away, or return them to their place of purchase.

The brands in question are Shir Fresh Mint Flouride, Shir Fresh Ice Shir Mint Flouride and Shir Fresh Cool Shir Mint Flouride. They were all distributed in the South Florida area.
Gold City's action comes after the Miami Herald named the company in a recent report, noting the products were still on the shelves of numerous Florida stores despite warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

On June 5, the FDA urged consumers to check labels for toothpaste made in China – and throw them away.

The agency is concerned the products may contain "diethylene glycol," also known as "diglycol" or "diglycol stearate."

Though the FDA is not aware of any U.S. reports of poisonings from the toothpaste, 51 people died in Panama after using a cold medicine laced with DEG.

China has insisted the warnings were "unscientific, irresponsible and contradictory."

The FDA said the threat was especially acute for children, who might ingest more toothpaste accidentally than adults.

FDA has identified the following brands of toothpaste from China that contain DEG and are included in the import alert: Cooldent Fluoride; Cooldent Spearmint; Cooldent ICE; Dr. Cool, Everfresh Toothpaste; Superdent Toothpaste; Clean Rite Toothpaste; Oralmax Extreme; Oral Bright Fresh Spearmint Flavor; Bright Max Peppermint Flavor; ShiR Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste; DentaPro; DentaKleen; and DentaKleen Junior. Manufacturers of these products are: Goldcredit International Enterprises Limited; Goldcredit International Trading Company Limited; and Suzhou City Jinmao Daily Chemicals Company Limited. The products typically are sold at low-cost bargain retail outlets.

FDA inspectors identified and detained one shipment of toothpaste at the U.S. border, containing about 3 percent DEG by weight. In addition, FDA inspectors found and tested toothpaste products from China located at a distribution center and a retail store. They also found the toothpaste at two bargain retail stores, a Dollar Plus in Miami and a Todo A Peso in Puerto Rico.

The highest level found was between 3-4 percent by weight. The product at the retail store was not labeled as containing DEG but was found to contain the substance.

The Chinese chief of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine insisted said that "up to 15.6 percent (of the chemical DEG) is safe for prolonged use."

In 1937, a mass DEG poisoning is what gave the FDA the impetus to pre-approve all new drugs. The FDA allows DEG to be registered because it's specifically registered for use in California, a state with an enhanced set of environmental health and well-being statutes. Most countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia have allowed zero DEG to be registered to be used for any specific product.

Many of the 107 who died in 1937 were young children. The chief pharmaceutical chemist who developed the additive for the S.E. Massengill Co. that introduced the sweet-tasting, raspberry-flavored red liquid syrup called Elizir Sulfanilamide committed suicide as a result of the tragedy.

In Panama, the Chinese-imported strawberry bubble gum Mr. Cool Junior toothpaste, has been found to contain more than 50 times the safety limit.

Companies that make brands previously found with DEG will have to prove the toothpaste is free of the chemical before it's allowed into the U.S., the FDA said. Meanwhile, all other brands of Chinese-made toothpaste will be stopped for testing, something the FDA has been doing since May 23.

A slew of Chinese exports have recently been banned or turned away by U.S. inspectors, including wheat gluten tainted with the chemical melamine that has been blamed for dog and cat deaths in North America, monkfish that turned out to be toxic pufferfish, drug-laced frozen eel and juice made with unsafe color additives.

As WND reported, China, the leading exporter of seafood to the U.S., is raising most of its fish products in water contaminated with raw sewage and compensating by using dangerous drugs and chemicals, many of which are banned by the FDA.

The stunning news followed WND's report that FDA inspectors report tainted food imports from China are being rejected with increasing frequency because they are filthy, are contaminated with pesticides and tainted with carcinogens, bacteria and banned drugs.

China has consistently topped the list of countries whose products were refused by the FDA – and that list includes many countries, including Mexico and Canada, who export far more food products to the U.S. than China.

While less than half of Asia has access to sewage treatment plants, aquaculture – the raising of seafood products – has become big business on the continent, especially in China.

In China, No. 1 in aquaculture in the world, 3.7 billion tons of sewage is discharged into rivers, lakes and coastal water – some of which are used by the industry. Only 45 percent of China has any sewage-treatment facilities, putting the country behind the rest of Asia.


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